What Others Say About Drew:

Drew Brown’s message is right on target and should be mandatory learning for every man, woman, and child in today’s society. Commander Brown served his country proudly overseas and now proudly serves his country at home. Drew Brown is a real American hero.

Colin Powell
Former U.S. Secretary of State

Motivation is in Drew Brown’s blood. His father Drew “Bundini” Brown motivated me to become one of the greatest boxers of all time. Drew Brown speeches are doing the same for both young and old. His timely message is exactly what is needed in today’s ever-changing society. His dad’s slogan of “Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee” motivated me to be a champion. Young Drew’s formula of “Education plus Hard Work minus Drugs equals Success and the American Dream” will also motivate everyone to be champions in whatever they do. As Bundini would say “From the Root to the Fruit.”

Muhammad Ali
Three Time Heavyweight Champion of The World

Bob Dole, Former U.S. Senator

Your ability to communicate and your personal message that a good education, solid training, and a desire to achieve is right on point. You set a striking example … this is a strong note of encouragement to keep up the good work!

Bob Dole
Politician & Former U.S. Senator

Proctor & Gamble

Drew is a rare talent, he is a one of a kind speaker and extremely effective. Motivation is his gift and speaking is his talent. I can honestly say he is the best I've ever heard and his presentation is funny, true, and right on target. Everyone is touched in some way and changed for the better after hearing him.

His skills can stand alone, but he is a dynamic personality to boot! Here is the 30-second commercial on Drew. He is the son of Drew 'Bundini' Brown (Muhammad Ali's Trainer and spiritual adviser) who coined the world renown phrase 'Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee.'

Drew was the only Black Navy Jet Attack Carrier Pilot in the active US Naval fleet at one time. He grew up in Harlem, New York, and Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. The difference being that in Brooklyn, his Russian immigrant grandparents raised him. Being raised by these two different and diverse cultures makes him a true product and example of America's melting pot.

His father knew that education was the only thing that was a guarantee for a chance at success and gave his son no choice about getting a college degree. After growing up around the influences of Ali in his heyday, Drew left all of the glimmer (and the possibility for corruption) behind and got a college education at a Historically Black College. He then became a Harlem Globetrotter, a Navy Jet Pilot, a top motivational/educational speaker and an author. His bestselling autobiography You Gotta Believe! sold out after eight printings. Drew's been featured on NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, and hundreds of other national, local television and radio shows. His print media includes Fortune Magazine and the NY Times.

He has endorsements from Muhammad Ali, Colin Powell, and Bob Dole. His medals and awards are from the President, Congress, the Supreme Court and many others.

In short, Drew is quite experienced and extremely diverse both in his heritage and in his experiences. Drew Brown is a National Treasure. Enough said.

Owen Bradford Butler
Former CEO and Chairman, Procter & Gamble

General Motors Company

Drew Brown’s challenging seminar and workshops to our company officials and associates brought our team together. He even reached our “untouchables,” who previously took no ownership or participation in our quality circles. He provided the spark of motivation our organization needed and brought new life to our productivity.

Gerry Holmes
Senior VP, General Motors Corporation


The American Dream and Eleven Facts in Life Drew Brown presented to our staff has created a new sense of commitment. He reached every adult in the audience. We are so thrilled to be able to sponsor such a high-level motivational speaker to our local high school partner.

Ramon Sanchez
VP, Motorola


Every organization interested in a productive, safe working environment owes it to their company and their employees to bring Drew Brown to town and let him motivate them to achieve their dreams and ambitions. Another opportunity Drew provides is a chance for the company to sponsor his dynamic presentations to the community by sponsoring a day of his motivational seminars in a local school. His message will definitely challenge every student who hears him speak.

Jim Perkins
Senior VP, FedEx

Ford Motor Company

When we brought Drew Brown to our associates to hear his motivational speech, we did not know about his formula for success: “Education plus Hard Work minus Drugs equals Success and The American Dream.” Our company has lost many potentially good employees due to random drug screening. Drew definitely drives his message home. No one hearing his dynamic speech will leave the room without a challenge to help keep drug abuse out of our workplace and our homes.

Glen Crutchfield
Senior VP, Ford Corporation

Fortune Magazine

Everyone in America should read this book YOU GOTTA BELIEVE! In fact, Drew Brown’s story can benefit anyone responsible for motivating or educating children.

James B. Hayes
Publisher, Fortune Magazine

Los Angeles Daily News

Thumbs up! The cycle of poverty and drugs can be broken! Brown reminds teenagers that they can succeed as long as they follow his prescription for success.

Nancy Hewitt
Los Angeles Daily News

University of Texas Longhorns

After Drew Brown delivered his electrifying presentation about the need to work hard, the value of a good education, and his informed views on the issue of drug abuse in our workplaces, schools, streets, and homes, our athletes were charged! Some have volunteered to mentor students and athletes. Everywhere we look, there’s a copy of Drew’s book, YOU GOTTA BELIEVE! Every university should treat their athletes and athletic department staff to this challenging seminar!

Tom Penders
Head Coach, University of Texas, Basketball

Ohio Bell (AT&T)

Drew Brown’s message was definitely a challenge to everyone who heard him speak. He was straightforward. His sincerity, commitment and sensitivity reached not only the students, but every adult who heard him speak.

Edward F. Bell
President, Ohio Bell