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Businesses, athletic departments and schools have always faced the difficult challenge of maximizing their human resources. The old adage “good people are hard to find” is not humorous anymore. It is becoming more and more truthful. Any observant manager, coach, teacher or human resources professional knows that good employees, low-maintenance athletes, and dedicated students are hard to find, retain and keep motivated. This is especially true in today’s highly competitive society. It is not only necessary, but also imperative to make the most of our most valued assets — people. This is where Drew Brown steps in.

If you or your organization seek results, entertainment and a life-changing experience, investing in an event featuring Drew Brown is your ticket. In order for your team to win they must know the rules. Commander Drew Brown teaches the rules while motivating your team to achieve and succeed while playing by the rules. We all know that internal motivation is the power to change; change is needed to break through barriers and reach your team’s unlimited potential.

The Eleven Facts in Life is the foundation that you need to build, rebuild or reinforce your team (employees, athletes, students, managers) to achieve and surpass your ultimate goals. Drew Brown is not just a motivational speaker, he is an investment.

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We all know that every year your challenge is to deliver a memorable event to your attendees. The challenge becomes more difficult to top every year. Hiring Commander Drew Brown is a sure fire move to energize your audience with a hit-it-out-of-the-park performance that will have them talking about your event for a long time after it ends.

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